Lijiang Baisha Old Town: Unusual Destination with Tranquility and Charm

About 10 kilometers north of Lijiang Dayan Old Town, Baisha Old Town was once ancient capital of Naxi people and the political, economical and cultural center of Lijiang. As the cradle of Family Mu, the illustrious Family Mu gathered experience of city planning in Baisha Old Town. What’s more, few people know that Baisha Old Town is an important part for Lijiang Old Town to apply for World Heritage.

You may wonder whether overcrowded people visit Baisha Old Town because you don’t like throngs of tourists. Absolutely no! Just like I said before, few people know Baisha Old Town and you can appreciate original village and culture in strong Naxi style here.


People in Baisha Old Town keep good living habit. After the dusk, you can see almost no people in the street. So walking in the old street quietly and appreciating the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the distance is so joyful that you feel like escape from the noisy city life and rushed life pace. If you live in Baisha Holiday Resort, you can enjoy tea-tasting in the courtyard with beautiful flowers around you. The tranquility and peace of your heart is the most precious treasure you can get in a trip.

The most important highlight in Baisha Old Town is Baisha frescoes, which is created from early Ming Dynasty to Qing Dynasty with a history of more than 300 years.  The 55 pieces of Baisha frescoes blend the painting style of Tibetan Buddhism and now are preserved in Dabaoji Palace, Liuli Temple, Dading Pavilion, etc. The period of Ming and Qing Dynasty is the most prosperous time of Family Mu. At that time, the stable political situation and prosperous economy contributed to the building architectural complex in large scale. Among all, the frescoes in Dabaoji Palace enjoys the largest scale with 12 pieces and 167 figures painted. Most especially, people can see figure of Buddha in different religious sect, such as Daoism and Buddhism. The ticket for Baisha frescoes is 30 RMB per person.

Baisha Frescoes