Our Team

With a professional operation process, our team members will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours. Almost all of them are first-class educated, have a fervent passion and rich experience for travel, and will thoughtfully provide the best possible service for the travelers. China, both the ancient and modern county with a long history and culture, is difficult to travel around without a feasible travel plan. At YChinaTours, in order to ensure you a pleasant and comfortable China tour experience, your travel consultant will work out the best plans with practical advice for you and make sure the tours go in accordance with that plan. When planing your China tours, you are free of charge to contact us by email or phone call to help you solve your questions! Also, we usually have welcome dinner and face-to-face communication with our travelers in our headquarter Kunming, welcome you!

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Tips Before Travel

Bring copies of your passport

Don't assume you're restricted to the main hubs of Beijing and Shanghai, our tours can start from any city.

Register with your embassy

For your safety, please register with the Embassy.

Always have local cash

Exchange some local currency for your trip

Our Team

Customize a Trip

Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. Once enquired, you’ll get a response within 0.5~23.5 hours.

Customize a Trip