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Transportation in China

If your next travel destination is China, then here will provide you the best guide of transportation use in China. The transportation system in China has experienced major growth and expansion since 1949. Nowadays, China has a comprehensive transportation network of flights, trains, highways, subways, ports, and waterways. Among these, high-speed rail lines, highways, and many new subways, have perhaps improved the daily lives of local people most dramatically. The online booking system for all of these transportation is also well developed, which allow traveler to book tickets online any where around world easily.

Transportation Options in China

Long Distance Transportation:

Travel by Air

Flights are the fastest and most convenient transportation to travel in China. It has the advantages of speed, safety, comfort, and cost. Air travel can save precious time and energy for traveler to enjoy the attractions.

Airlines in China offer safe and comfortable service for travelers. Presently, there are about 1,279 air routes. Among them, 1,035 are domestic, including the routes to Hong Kong and Macau, and 244 are international. Pick the right airline will save your travel budgets, and help you get to your destination faster. There are four major international airlines in China, which are Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines.

In China, there were approximately 200 airports in 2015 with around 240 planned by 2020. The top 2 busiest airports in China are Beijing Capital International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, together the total passengers traffic for these two airports in 2017 are 165 millions. If you choose to travel in China by air, make sure get to the airport 2 hours before flight depart.

Travel on Land

Train:Rail transport is an important mode of long-distance transportation in China.As of 2015, the country has 121,000 km (75,186 mi) of railways, the second longest network in the world, including 19,000 kilometers (11,806 miles) of high-speed rail (HSR), the longest HSR network in the world. All the train routes can be easily enquiry form online.

Aka Bullet Train: China's high-speed railway network is by far the longest in the world. High-speed railway, aka bullet train, are the fast train with a maximize speed 350km/h. Currently, the high-speed railway is almost cover the major cities of China, accounting for about two-thirds of the world's high-speed rail tracks in commercial service.

Long Distance Bus:In China people travel by Long distance buses a lot more often, compare to flight or train. Since, the buses is the cheapest way to travel, and you can almost get to any where by buses in China. However, for the foreign travelers that first time been China, the buses is not recommend transportation. Because, in the most long distance buses station in China, they don’t have any English speaking official. 

Car: Road trip in China is not a bad Choice, since the China National Highways almost cover entire country. The China National Highways is a network of trunk roads across mainland China. Although they are called “highways” , they are not necessarily freeways. However, like expressways, a toll is sometimes charged. There are 1.18 million km of highways in China, including 68 national highways and more than 1600 provincial highways. The maximize speed on National Highways is 120 kilometers per hour. Drive on the road, and stop in any scenic spot you like. This will be a wonderful travel experience for any traveler. The limitation is traveler must have a Chinese driver license or international driver license that allow traveler drive in China. One other reason for road trip in China is convenient car rent and car-sharing app. Traveler can easily rent a car on a smart phone app and pick the car in any major airport or train stations. The car-sharing app is something new in recent year, people can find a public car on the street and rent it by scan the bar-code on the car. Each kilometer of driving only cost 1 RMB, but there is only limit amounts of these public cars. However, this will be a great transportation choice in China for traveler in near future.

Travel on Waterway

Cruise: The cruise or tour boat are offer to travelers in the most rivers of China. The Yangtze River is one of the most popular river for cruise boat tour. Traveler can travel by cruise all the way from Chongqing to Shanghai, and enjoy all different beautiful views of the cities and landmarks on the boat.

Urban Transportation

City Bus: In China, bus transport system are well developed in all major cities. Travelling by Bus in urban and suburban areas is main choice for local people. However, City Bus is not recommend for the foreign travelers that first time been China. Because, there is no English speaking driver or English route sign on the most Chinese city buses.

Recommend Buses Routes Check App: Chelaile 车来了(Smart Phone App/Nationwide City Bus Routes Checking/Chinese)

Subway: Metro lines in China are being built at an incredible rate. Before 1990, they could be found in just three cities–Beijing, first opening in 1969; Hong Kong in 1979, and Tianjin in 1984. Growth was modest for many years, but has become exponentially more rapid over time and now metro lines already become one of the major transportation for office worker in the most cities of China.

Taxi/Ride-sharing: Travelling by taxi or Uber’s kind ride-sharing vehicles in China is convenient. The yellow cab usually is any where on the streets in urban area, but difficult in rush hours due to the great need and terrible traffic jam. Now, most people in China will use ride-sharing app to call for a ride, instead of waiting for a cab on the street. One of the most popular ride-sharing app in China is “DiDi Chuxing”, it providing transportation services for more than 450 million users across over 400 cities in China. It provides services including taxi hailing, private car hailing, Hitch (social ride-sharing), DiDi Chauffeur, DiDi Bus, DiDi Test Drive, DiDi Car Rental, DiDi Enterprise Solutions, DiDi Minibus, DiDi Luxe and bike-sharing. (DiDi acquired Uber's China unit on August 1, 2016)

Recommend Taxi Reserve/Ride-Sharing App: DiDi (Nationwide ride-sharing and Taxi Reserve Application/Multi-Languages)
Note: English version of DiDi app will only be available in beta in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to start out, with more cities added in the near-term.

Public Bicycles: In the most cities of China, the Bike-Share system was well developed. Two major bike-share companies in China has more than 7 million bikes in operation in over 150 cities. And rent a bike in China only take few steps on a smart phone app, now the public bicycles already become one of the major transportation in the urban areas of China.

Recommend Bike-Sharing Apps:
Ofo (Nationwide Bike-Sharing App/Chinese)
Mobike(Nationwide Bike-Sharing App/Chinese)
Hellobike(Nationwide Bike-Sharing App/Chinese)

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