Located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the middle part of Gansu Province, Baiyin City is situated at the junction of the ancient Silk Road and the Yellow River, connecting the desert in the north, Qinghai-Tibet in the south, the Central Plains in the east, the Western Region in the west, 69 kilometers away from Lanzhou, the provincial capital, and 46 kilometers away from Zhongchuan Airport in a straight line. It is a strategic channel connecting the subcontinental bridge, a transportation corridor to the countries along the Silk Road and an energy logistics channel. There are legends of Fuxi and Nuwa in Baiyin. There are relics of Dayu’s governance of water, painted pottery and stone tools of primitive civilization, the Great Wall which witnesses the disputes and blending of different nationalities, the ferry of the Silk Road, and the holy place of the Victory Master of the Long March of the Red Army.

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