Wu Wei City is located in Gansu Province western part Gansu Corridor east end. The south side is lofty Qi Lian Mountain, northeast China be vast vacate the Geli desert, central section corridor plain east Gu Lang county gorge including pharynx and laryns communications centre mountain, the west connects Yong Chang County east great river flood product fan desert area with, the due north has north Sha He City and Yong Chang county , Min Qin County are a boundary, have “exchanging a gleam of the strategy geographical feature advantage in pharynx and laryns of vast and bare , charging five prefectures”.That the Wu Wei City ancient times weighs the disheartened prefecture, is one of the whole nation second batch of leading historical and cultural city , front is cold time the Six Dynasties , the day afer tomorrow is cold , south is cold , the north is cold, Tang Chu ‘s big lets the prefecture , prefecture , mansion organ location all once, founded a capital here , was one by one hereafter cool.Be that Central Plains was the “Silk Road” strategic pass , once became the north Buddhism centre in the ancient times with the Western Regions economy , the cultural exchange place of strategic importance. Famous Liang Zhou word , bend, cold music of west , the disheartened skill of west take form , develop all in here. Cultural relics and historic sites has grand empress platform Neolithic culture ruin , Tang Da Yun Temple copper bell , Haizang temple , Luoshita , Confucious temple , belfry , thunder platform Taoist temple and stele inscription etc.The copper fleeing horse in stampede that thunder platform Han dynasty tombs unearths is country cultural relic treasure.Wu Wei City is “capital of world tourist symbol ” “, Chinese wine hometown ” “, Xizang belong to the testimony of history of motherland field ” and “white unique world Poeephagus grunniens place of production “, name of usually having “silver Wu Wei City “.That Wu Wei City has a long history , goes back to ancient times, is an acient upper Silk Road place of strategic importance. More than 5000 years has human being use personal influence as far back as here right away in the front. Emperor Wudi of Han dynasty sends B.C. to beat Xiongnu in general great general Huo Qubing expedition the west of the Huanghe River for 121 years,get a name to commend whose military accomplishments army strength. Four prefectures opening up He Xi from Emperor Wudi of Han dynasty, the past dynasties dynasty purchases a mansion once in setting up a prefecture here, the Eastern Jin Dynasty sixteen countries time, the cold , the queen let a regime cool , south lets cool , the disheartened country of north and last big of Sui let cool in front to successively found a capital here, furnace becoming the metropolis , unobstructed Chinese and Western pharynx and laryns , Silk Road place of strategic importance , national amalgamation north of Chang An county. Age-old history has been fraught with five splendid florid cold culture , Xixia culture , Buddhism culture and popular nation region culture , that places of historic interest is a lot of , the cultural heritage enriches, has been big cities of the Gansu Province cultural relic. Famous legend “Su Wu shepherds ” is in Wu Wei City Min Qin County right away.Wu Wei City still has state-class 1 natural reserve , save step of 3 natural reserves snow natural landscape and history culture such as region highland , oasis scene and desert Gobi Desert shines by reflected glory , has higher culture-oriented travel value.

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