Zhang ye in China central hexi corridor of gansu province. Gansu province “” origin and wigan. Area 42400 square kilometers and a population of 126 million. Han, otherwise the hui, yugur, Mongolia 26 minorities.
Six years before the emperor ($121 in ding county), “zhang ye buy ZhangGuo arm yi, on the west”. North Korea XiWei GanZhou instead. Sui recovery of county. Established in the early tang dynasty. Yuan for GanZhou road. The ZhouWei wigan set. Clear for wigan state. In 1927 buy zhang ye county, 1985, was removed a county and promulgated by the state council for the second batch of historic and cultural city and open city.
Zhang ye are gansu commodity grain base, abounds in wheat, corn, rice and beans, oil, fruits and vegetables, the industry of coal, machinery, textile, brewing etc 10 departments. Since ancient times, WuWei silver gold zhang ye. The city has jinzhou.would fu-gong temple, the temple, far, historic sites blackwater countries.

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