Xi’an is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation. Chang’an has been the capital city for many times. There are 13 dynasties including the Western Zhou Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, Western Han Dynasty, Xinmang Dynasty, Eastern Han Dynasty, Western Jin Dynasty, Pre-Zhao Dynasty, Pre-Qin Dynasty, Post-Qin Dynasty, Western Wei Dynasty, Northern Zhou Dynasty, Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty. The “Chang’an Complex” is delineated in Fengxue Capital City, Qin A Fang Palace, Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Hanweiyang Palace, Changle Palace, Daxing City in Sui Dynasty, Daming Palace in Tang Dynasty and Xingqing Palace.
Xi’an is one of the best tourist destinations in China and one of the best international image cities in China . There are two six heritage sites listed in the World Heritage List: Qinshihuang Mausoleum and Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Dayan Pagoda, Xiaoyan Pagoda, Daming Palace Site in Chang’an City of Tang Dynasty, Weiyang Palace Site in Chang’an City of Han Dynasty and Xingjiao Temple Pagoda. [10] There are also scenic spots such as Xi’an City Wall, Bell and Drum Tower, Huaqing Pool, Zhongnanshan Mountain, Furong Garden in the Tang Dynasty, Shaanxi History Museum and Stele Forest. Xi’an has seven “double first-class” construction universities such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwest Polytechnic University and Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology.

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