10 Days-Photography Jiangnan Tour


We will visit the villages which tourists can not arrive
We will stay two nights on the top of Huangshan Mountains to see the Huangshan Mountains perfectly
We will meet local people, visit local family, try to taste local food…..
We will special offer something for you……..

Hangzhou: Up above there is heaven, down below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.
Tunxi Town: the best-preserved architecture of Song Ming and Qing Dynasties in China.
Hongcun: the village in the Chinese Painting,
Huangshan Mountains: Known as the No. 1 Mountain under heaven, the best beautiful mountains in China.

Chengkan village: know as the No 1 village in Jiangnan, a perfect and typical combination of beautiful natural scenery and Huizhou culture art
Wuzhen Town: “Venice of the East”, the hometown of fish and rice in Jiangnan


Day 1 07/11 (Wednesday) Kuala Lumpur- Hangzhou-Tunxi On: Tunxi
You will be met by your tour guide and driver at the Hangzhou airport. Drive to Tunxi which is the downtown of Huangshan City (3.5 hours). Check into your hotel. 我社安排导游、司机于杭州萧山机场接站,车赴黄山市区-屯溪(车程约 3.5 小时),入住酒店。 D7302(0810/1310)

Day 2 08/11 (Thursday) Tunxi-Nanping -Bishan Village –Hongcun Village On: Hongcun
Village After breakfast, drive to Yixian County (1 hour). Visit the Nanping Village. It is a millenniumaged, grand scale habitation for ancient Huizhou merchants. To this day, the mysterious Nanping Village still well preserves nearly 300 ancient dwellings built in Ming and Qing dynasties (13681911); the crisscross 72 lanes among high walls constitute a mysterious maze, and 36 ancient round or square wells still produce limpid waters; what is more, on the 300-meter-long axes from the end to the other end of the village is the spectacular architectural complex of 8 quaint ancestral halls. Originally built in Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368) by Ye family. A typical ancient village in Southern Anhui with unique features of its ancestral halls, Nanping Village was also a battle field of both Three Kingdoms (220-280) and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (1851-1864, a influential peasant uprising), and further, a shooting site for many a films, e.g. Oscar-winning film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. After that, drive to Bishan Village and visit one of famous bookstore in China- “Bishan Bookstore” Which was built in the ancient Ancestral Temple. In the afternoon, drive to visit the Hongcun Village (20 mins). A charming traditional Huizhou village, Hongcun is best known as the film site of the Oscar-winning film “Crouching Tiger,

Hidden Dragon”. It is one of the representative ancient villages in the southern region of Anhui Province. First, the village now has a history of almost 1,000 years. The ancient Hongcun villagers adopted “bionics” to the design of buildings and constructed a cattle-shaped village and manmade water system that has been called, “a uniqueness of China”. The bird’s eye view of the village resembles a large buffalo perking its head and lifting its legs. This can be said as one of the wonders in the history of construction. Today, the water system, streets, folk houses and even interior arrangements of the village are completely preserved in their primitive condition from the past. You’ll be able to bike or walk around the village with your guide and also visit a local family where you’ll have the chance to gain a better understanding of the life and traditions of the local people. Watch the sunset at the South Lake in Honcun Village.

早餐后,前往桃花源里人家-黟县(车程 1 小时),游览中国影视村-南屏。南屏村有着千年悠久历史的徽 商聚族而居的古村落。至今南屏村仍保存着 300 多座明清完整的古民居,高墙之间纵横交错的 72 条古 巷构成了一个神秘的迷宫,36 口古井仍然能够不断地提供者清澈的泉水。南屏村始建于元代,由叶氏家 族建造。南屏村是皖南古村落的代表,具有独特的宗祠文化。同时也是三国时期和太平天国时期的古战场 之一。除此之外,也是奥斯卡获奖影片“卧虎藏龙”的拍摄地之一。之后车赴碧山村,参观隐藏在徽州古 祠堂之中的书店-“碧山书局”(它也是南京先锋书局的分店)。下午前往中国画里乡村,卧虎藏龙拍摄地 -宏村(车程 20 分钟)。宏村是皖南古村落的代表之一,始建于公元 1131 年,有着近 1000 多年的的历 史,宏村在设计中采用了仿生学原理,从而建造了一个中国特色的牛形村落。从高空俯瞰,整个村庄就像 一只大水牛。您可以选择骑自行车或者步行在村中游览,也可以村中的古民居。傍晚于南湖观日落。

Day 3 09/11 (Friday) Hongcun-Mt. Huangshan On:Huangshan
Watch the sunrise in Hongcun Village. After breakfast, drive to visit Luncun Village. The scenic village of Lucun is just one kilometer north of Hongcun village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and matches it in both artistry and beauty. The village was originally established during the late Tang Dynasty (618-907), although much of its magnificent architecture dates back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties. Of the more than 140 stunningly well-preserved buildings dotted throughout Lucun, Zhicheng Hall is considered the most spectacular. After that ,drive to the World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site-Mt. Huangshan (40 mins).When you arrive in Tangkou Transfer Center which is the foot of mountain. You will take Public Shuttle Bus (20 mins) and the Yungu cable car (10 mins) up the Mountain.

The craggy rock faces, hanging mists and clustered pines of Huangshan create a lovely and distinctly Chinese landscape, one instantly recognizable from countless images on silk, paper and porcelain. The mountain range, consisting of some 70 peaks over 1,000 m (3,300 ft), spills across the southern province of Anhui in an exquisite jumble of scenic highlights—twisted lone pines clinging to stony spires, seas of clouds filling rugged valleys, and crystalline mountain spring-fed pools. You will visit Beginning to Believe Peak、Crouching Dragon Pine, Exploring Sea of Clouds Pine, Black Tiger Pine, Lianli Pine, Flower Scaterring Valley, Pentip Brush, etc. In the late afternoon, watch the sunset at the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion.

晨起观日出(南湖),早餐后,前往参观卢村(车程 15 分钟),卢村位于世界文化-宏村以北一公里处,该 村始建于唐朝末年,有多达 140 多座保存完好的古建筑,其中以志诚堂最为壮观,也被称之为木雕楼。 之后前往世界文化与自然双遗产、世界地质公园-黄山风景区(车程 40 分钟),抵达汤口换乘中心,搭乘 景区交通车(车程 20 分钟)和云谷缆车(10 分钟)上山。游览:始信峰、卧龙松、探海松、黑虎松、连 理松、梦笔生花、笔架峰等景点,傍晚于排云亭观日落。

Day 4 10/11 (Saturday) Mt. Huangshan On: Huangshan
Meet with your guide in the early hours to enjoy a breath-taking sunrise over Huangshan. Though dependent on the weather, this is an unforgettable experience that comes highly recommended (even if the early morning wake up call can be a little challenging, especially if you’ve been traveling a lot). After breakfast, you’ll visit the West Sea Grand Canyon using the new Xihai Cable Car. This is a relatively new scenic area opened in 2000 that has been dubbed “Heaven on Earth” and “A Fantasy World” for its unique and beautiful scenery. Some argue that West Sea Grand Canyon is the most impressive section of Huangshan, fully embodying the mysterious and intriguing aesthetic that has made the area such a famous destination. You’ll break for lunch and enjoy a Chinese meal while taking in the mountain views. Then, you’ll enjoy the scenery from another one of Huangshan’s marvelous viewpoints, for instance The Brightness Top , Flying over Rock ,Lotus Peak, Turtle Peak, etc. Watch the sunset at the Purple Cloud Peak.

晨起观日出(丹霞峰),早餐后,前往游览:黄山梦幻景区、黄山巧石博物馆-西海大峡谷(含单程地轨缆 车)。西海大峡谷于 2000 年对外开放,因其独特而美丽的风景被誉为“人间天堂”和“梦幻世界”,有人 认为西海大峡谷是黄山景区最令人印象深刻的部分。 中餐后,继续游览:光明顶、飞来石、远眺鳌鱼峰、 莲花峰、天都峰等景点。傍晚于排云亭或者飞来石观日落。

Day 5 11/11 (Sunday) Mt. Huangshan- Chengkan Village-Tunxi On: Tunxi
Meet with your guide in the early hours to enjoy a breath-taking sunrise over Huangshan. After breakfast, you’ll continue to visit Lion Peak, Cooling Terrace, Stone Monkey Gazing at the sea of Clouds, etc. then descend the mountain by Yungu cable car (10 mins) and Public Shuttle Bus (20 mins). After lunch, drive to the China’s Historical Town- Shexian County (1 hour).Visit the Chinese Fengshui village-Chengkan village which is one of the villages in China that features wellpreserved residential Hui style houses and was built centuries ago during the East Han Dynasty. The village has the reputation of being the best one in Jiangnan area. When compared to ancient places of Chengkan is underdeveloped and not as popular. Because of this, tourism isn’t flourishing as expected. This is actually a good thing for travelers not wanting big and loud crowds. Chengkan, which is a 1,800-year old village, has succeeded in keeping its original layout. It features 700 households, green hills, and clear streams. The whole layout and location are based on the theory of the “Eight Diagrams” which is one of the oldest Chinese classic texts. The Longxi River appears like a belt going across the whole village. On the other hand, the eight mountains that surround the village looks like eight directions of the Eight Diagrams. This exquisite layout never fails to amaze travelers.

After that, drive back to the Tunxi (1 hour ) which is the downtown of Huangshan City. Check into your hotel. After a short break, you will drive to visit the Tunxi Old Street which is A strip of traditional Huizhou-style shops and residences. This street dates back to the Song Dynasty. Along the way you’ll be able to learn more about the city, but you’ll also be able to pick up some souvenirs for friends and family at home.

晨起观日出,早餐后继续游览:狮子峰、清凉台、猴子观海等景点,之后乘坐云谷缆车(10 分钟)和景 区交通车(20 分钟)下山。中餐后,前往中国历史文化名称-神仙(车程 1 小时),游览:中国第一风水

村-呈坎村。呈坎村始建于东汉时期,距今已有 1800 多年的历史,被朱熹誉为“呈坎双贤里,江南第一 村”。之后返回屯溪(车程 1 小时),入住酒店,稍事休息,前往游览:被誉为“活动着的清明上河图”屯溪老街。

Day 6 12/11 (Monday) Tunxi-Huangling Village-Jiangwan Village -Tunxi On: Tunxi
After breakfast,drive to Wuyuan County (1 hour) , which is crowned to be China’s Most Beautiful Village, a sympol of Chinese many unknown but great towns or villages in rural area, and still keeps its mystery and elegance as a center of classical beauty and traditional lifestyle. You will visit Huangling Village ( by round trip cable car ). Walking to visit the village and the terraced fields, to experience the local lifestyle, the charm of the traditional Hui Architecture and the natural beauty. In the afternoon, drive to the visit the hometown of Jiangzemin who is the former president of China-Jiangwan Village, this village is just like an emerald inlaid in the verdant valley. First built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), it preserves a large number of rare and ancient residences with Huizhou architectural style. It is regarded as the hometown of books because there were lots of talented people and famous officials in this village from the Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty (960-1911). Nowadays, it is gaining popularity among local people and tourists and has even achieved the national 5A level scenic spot. After that, drive back to Tunxi (1 hour). And if time permit, you will have a chance to visit the Hukaiwen Inkstick Factory to find out how and where Anhui’s famous calligraphy and painting ink sticks are really made.

早餐后,前往中国最美乡村-婺源(车程 1 小时),游览:晒秋人家-篁岭(含往返缆车)和伟人故里、“小 桥流水人家”之称的-江湾。下午返回屯溪(车程 1 小时),游览胡开文墨厂,深入了解中国文房四宝文化 和徽墨的制作工艺。

Day 7 13/11 (Tuesday) Tunxi-Hangzhou On: Hangzhou
After breakfast, drive to Tangmo Village, it was constructed originally in the Tang Dynasty according to the architectural styles of that name. It reached the height of prosperity in both the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Upon your arrival there, you will be captivated by the quiet rural life style of this particular culture, and the natural beauty that is incorporated within this famous historic and cultural village. After that, drive to Hangzhou city (3.5 hours) and check into your hotel.

早餐后前往唐模村。唐模村根据唐末的建筑风格而建造。在明清时期达到鼎盛,当您来到这里,就会被宁 静而独特的乡村生活方式和历史文化的古村落的自然美所吸引。下午前往杭州(车程 3.5 小时)入住酒 店。

Day 8 14/11 (Wednesday) Wuzhen-Hangzhou On: Hangzhou
After breakfast, drive to Wuzhen (1.5 hours) Which is a famous water town in South China.With its long established and rich cultural history. You will visit East Scenic Zone of Wuzhen (Dong Zha) , There are various “must see” scenic spots that fully exemplify this all around the water town. With more than twenty traditional handicraft workshops large and small including a wine distillery workshop, a silk working establishment and an indigo fabric dyeing workshop, there is a broad range of interesting things to visit. Every workshop will show you its unique offerings with interesting presentations from its skilled owners and operators. Visitors are encouraged to pause and enjoy all aspects of these long held traditions participating on a hands on basis where

practicable.There are many museums, galleries and gardens to enjoy located at convenient spots. You can learn the ancient and now prohibited skill of foot-binding, listen to the story of the Great Theatre, read books at the Zhaoming Academy, gain knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine in the Heal Town Pharmacy and even send a postcard to your loved ones, in the Old Post Office. After lunch, drive to Hangzhou City (1.5 hours) which has enjoy a great reputation as the paradise in China. You will visit the most famous attraction in Hangzhou- West Lake. Then walking in the Su Caseway and visit the viewing fish athte flower harbor,etc.After that, drive to visit the

早餐后酒店出发,前往游览:乌镇东栅景区。中餐后,返回杭州市区(车程1.5 小时),游览:西湖景区, 漫步于苏堤,参观花港观鱼等景点。之后游览具体古城历史风貌的商业老街-河坊街。晚餐后,返回酒店。

Day 9 15/11 (Thursday) Hangzhou On: Hangzhou
Today will be the free day for yourself. You can explore the city by yourself.

16/11 (Thursday) Hangzhou- Kuala Lumpur
After breakfast, you will have free and easy day. Meet your tour guide and driver in the late afternoon. Transfer to Hanghzou airport and take the flight back to Kuala Lumpur.


D7303 Hangzhou to KL (1425/1935)


13 pax 4-star hotel no shopping
Rmb: 5950 Yuan per pax
Single room supplement: 2600 yuan/per person


1. Experienced English-speaking tour guide;
2. Hotel accommodation (Superior room) with daily breakfast;
3. Admission fees and transportation as listed in the details
4. Transportation: 33 seats air condition bus all the trip
5. Travel accident insurance


1. Meals such as lunch and dinner
2. Any personal expenses in the hotel and shopping
3. International air ticket and its tax
4.Tips to guide & driver

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Best place to see the sunset
Area Places Beihai Area Dawn Pavilion (曙光亭) Refreshing Terrace (清凉台) Lion Peak (狮子峰) Xihai Area Red Cloud Peak (丹霞峰) Tianhai Area Bright-Top Peak (光明顶)