Post Reward-Maximize your travel!

Post Reward-Maximize Your Travel!

(Transfer Your Travel Experiences to Cash)

Welcome To YChinaTours(YCT), we hope every travelers could left some great memories of a itinerary. So now we offer post reward for all of the travelers who use our services and willing to share the interest stuffs of their itinerary.

Post Reward for Facebook

Instructions for Facebook post(You can get our reward in following ways):

Follow our Facebook page and Twitter!

1.Film and share any interesting videos of your trip on our Facebook pages.

2.Post the interesting photos and your travel stories on our Facebook page.

3.Your post need to get at least 100 Likes on our Facebook page:

-100 likes equal to 10 $ reward
-After first 100 likes, each like equal to 1 cent

(Note:Limitation is 5000 likes, over the limitation there is no reward. The reward money can only cash out after 100 Likes, each post can only cash out for once.)

After you post in our Facebook page get more than 100 Likes, send a screenshot of your post and a Paypal account (Only Support Paypal) to our official email:

Post Reward for Blogger

We also offer post reward for Blogger, who willing to write blog for us.

Instruction for blog post:

Go to Our Web page

1.Register a blogger account on our page.

2.Write a blog about your entire itinerary with us (At least 2 days for itinerary, 1000 words contents, 6 photos)

3.Send the blog contents to our official email ( , with a Paypal account.

4.We will take 3 business day to verify the contents. We will reply the email, once the contents is qualify.

5.Each qualify blog, we will reward 50$ to blogger (Only Support Paypal). And you will find your blog with clear citation of your name as author on our official blog after you get the reward.

Note: We will upload the videos, photos, stories with the most like number and qualify blog contents to our official Blog, Twitter, and You-tube Channel! (All post must be Original, and we reserve all right to use the contents on the post)