Chengdu Fourgirls mountains 15 days tours

Four Maiden’s mountains not only are the national level scenic spots,simultaneously also is the national level nature protection area. In1994 is named by the State Council as the national key scenery scenicspot area. Tells everybody a good news: Four girls mountains happyhave recently added another laurel crown – country 4A level scenicarea. Four girls mountains are a landscape unusual, the scenerybeautiful, the ecology primitive, the common social practice aresimple and honorable, the four seasons may tour extra large typecomprehensive mountain scenery tourist attraction. Because itsrelationship of form and spirit and Europe’s Alps is similar,therefore has “China’s Alps” the name. Next SurfaceInvites allows me tosummarize four girls mountains step situation to everybody.

Day 1 KL/Chengdu

Take the flight to Chengdu, free and easy in the afternoon.       On: Chengdu

Day 2 Chengdu/Four Maiden’s Mountains                               On: Four Maiden’s Town

We are driving to Sigunang Mountains, and we will visit the Wolong National Protection Area on the way, where we will visit the Panda. And arrive at Sigunang Mountains in the afternoon.

Day 3 Four Maiden’s Mountains to Danba is 123 km and 4 hrs driving

We visit Two-Bridge (Shuangqiao) Valley is the most easily accessible valley with vistas of snowy peaks, pastures, grassland and forests. It is the most beautiful valley of Four Maiden’s Mountain. With three sections covering an area of 216.6 square kilometers (about 83.6 square miles), the whole valley is accessible by tour bus. It’s the easiest and quickest way to see the valley because of the amount of distance and the ruggedness of the terrain. Take the bus to Danba in the afternoon.

Day 4 

Danba is a small city situated in a steep valley at the confluence of several rushing rivers 350 km. it is famous for the Tibetan villages and watchtowers clinging to the sides of the river valleys. The scenery is spectacular and the area still gets very few western visitors. Danba has the most beautiful ethnic villages in China. Jiaju and Suopo are well worthy of a visit for their spectacular watchtowers and fortress-like houses. And also visit the Beauty Valley in the afternoon, also visit the Tibetan villages.

Tibetan villages

Day 5 Danba/Bamei                                                     On:Bamei

We visit the Tagong Monastery , worship the 12 years old Skyamuni’s statues and butter flowers, also visit the beautiful Tagong grassland, and view the Yala snow mountains.

Tagong grassland

Day 6  Bamei/Ganzi                                                      On: Ganzi

We are driving to Ganizi today, we will visit Kasa Lake in Louhuo Town on the way, the Kasa Lake is the holly lake in the heart of local Tibetan who walks around the lake every sheep year in Tibetan lunar calendar for good blessing. Arrive at Ganzi in the afternoon, take a free walk in the Tibetan town.

kasa lake

Day 7  Ganzi/                                                    On: Ganzi

We are driving to Yaqing Monastery in the morning, this monastery was built in 1985, the scenery around the monastery is beautiful and most of the lama in the monastery is famels, this place is famous same to the Seda, and the monastery is surrounded by a rivers. We drive to Baiyu country and visit the Baiyu Monastery in the afternoon.

Yaqing Monastery

Day 8  Ganzi/Daocheng                                          On: Daocheng 

We are driving to Daocheng all day, and check in the hotel while we are arriving.

Day 9 Yading                                                   On:Yading

Drive to Yading in the morning and enjoy a colorful day there. Located in southern Daocheng County, the Yading Nature Reserve covers an area of 1,344 square kilometers (520 square miles) and has an average elevation of well over 4,000 meters. Inside the Yading Nature Reserve are the three holy mountains of Chenresig, rising to 6,032 meters, Chana Dorje and Jampelyang, which both rise to 5,958 meters. These three snowcapped peaks sit in a triangle formation with forested valleys, clear rivers, glacier-fed lakes, and abundant wildlife between them.

The Tibetan name for Yading is “Nyiden”, which means “facing the sun”. In Tibetan, the names of the mountains mean “Wisdom” (Jampelyang), “Power” (Chana Dorje), and “Compassion” (Chenresig). This region was designated as a nature reserve in the late 1990s. You will enjoy trekking inside the park.

Yading Nature Reserve

Day 10 Yading to Daocheng 77 km and 2.5 hours driving   the altitude in Daocheng is 3800 m

Take the shuttle bus into the park, and then you can choose to ride a horse or walk to Chonggu Monastery, which is a best spot to see the holy mountain Xiannairi. Then you can spend 4 hours walk to Pearl Lake under the Mt. Xiannairi to get a good picture or enjoy your day walking around the Chonggu Monastery. Back to Daocheng after the whole day visit.

Pearl Lake

Day 11   Daocheng/Xinduqiao Town                                         On: Xinduqiao Town

We set out Daocheng in the early morning, we are driving on the famous 318 national way which from Chengdu to Lhasa, this road was called the one of the most beautiful road in China, we will pass the Haizi Mountains(5020 m), continues over the Bowa Mountains(4513 m) and Kazila Mounains(4718 m), don’t miss the chance to capture the beauty of Xinduqiao Town in the afternoon, which is called the Corridor of Photographers along the National highway 318.

gongga mountains

Day 12  Xingduqiao/Kangding                                           On: Kangding

We visit the Jiagengba in the morning, it is a part of Xingduqiao, the scenery is original  and the local people is kind, the Tibetan building is special and even we can visit the local family even the language is big barrier. We drive to Kangding after lunch, take a free walk in Kangding city.

xindu bridge

Day 13 Kangding/Hailuogou On: Hailuogou

We are free and easy in the Kangding city,  to all the Chinese people, Kangding is not only the administrative center of the Garze, but also the hometown of a love song, well known as the ‘Kangding Love Song’. We stop at Kangding to feeling the hometown of Kangding love song, we drive to Hailuogou in the afternoon, and our bus will drivng along the Dadu River, one of the branch river of Changjiang River. We will visit a bridge on the river but the bridge was contructed by iron chain, it is looks dangerous and excited.

Day 14 Hailuogou/Chengdu                                          On: Chengdu

We are going to visit the Hialuogou National Glacier Forest Park, we will see the sunrise at Jinshan Mountain, and take the scenery bus to the scenery spot. We pass by the No1,2 and No.3 camp , trekking by the footpath in virgin forest to the sightseeing spot, we go to see the spectacular view of the icefall and glacier. Back to the Moxi town and driving to Chengdu city for overnight.

Hialuogou National Glacier Forest Park

Day 15 Chengdu/KL 

Free and easy in Chengdu all day, take the flight back to KL after dinner.