Photography tour of Irkutsk-Lake Baikal-Olkhon-Listvyanka-Irkutsk

Photography tour of  Irkutsk-Lake Baikal-Olkhon-Listvyanka-Irkutsk

Tour period: February – March

Duration: 9 days/8 nights

Group size: 8 people

Day 1 KL to Irkutsk                   On: Irkutsk
Arrival in Irkutsk, meeting with the guide at the airport. The first things we do such as change the money, shopping for the following days as like food, warm gloves etc. After lunch we will visit the place where Irkutsk was founded at the confluence of two Siberian rivers: Irkut and Angara. The place is framed by three churches, two of which are Russian orthodox with golden domes and outer wall paintings and the third one is Roman Catholic.


Day 2 Irkutsk to lake Baikail (Olkhon Island)    On: Olkhon

After breakfast, We take the van to Olkhon Island, located in 300 km from Irkutsk (travelling time 5 – 6 hours). Lunch at a roadside cafe. Transfer across ice crossing: Kurkut bay – Olkhon. Arrival to Olkhon, we walk to a small hills beside the village to see the sunset, after dinner we stay in a home inn.  On the way there you will see different landscape types – vast steppes, wintry Taiga forest and rocky shores of Baikal Lake. We will make a stop for lunch in one of the local road cafes, where you may try local specialty – dumplings with meat cooked on steam – main dish of native cuisine. (Locally called Pozy). we are free and easy after dinner, and see the sunset beside the Lake Baikail.

Olkhon Island

Day 3 Olkhon Island                   On: Olkhon

After breakfast, whole-day trip to the northernmost tip of the island – Cape Khoboy. The tour will be accomplished by car UAZ (these are the machines used for trips around the island. Examining Khoboy cape, walking through the local places, a picnic outdoors. Return to the hotel. If the ice is strong enough, the path back will run along the ice of Lake Baikal, and you can enjoy the many landscapes of the island from the water and see the hummocks of different shapes and sizes. Arriving at the hotel. Dinner.

Olkhon Island blue ice

Day 4 Olkhon Island                      On: Olkhon
After breakfast you will visit the south part of island, we will take photos for the ice crack, ice bubble and icicle (silver thaw). also we take photos for the sunset on the ice.

Olkhon Island south

Day 5 Olkhon Island to Listvyanka         On: Listvyanka
In the morning we take photos for the sunrise of Lake Baikail, and free and easy in the Hujir village, after lunch we are driving to Listvyanka village. This village was founded in the 18th century and got it’s name from larch trees growing on the nearest cape. The only river which flows out of the Baikal is his daughter – Angara which brings its waters to Irkutsk and further to Enisey River. We’ll visit the local fish market where locals sell different souvenirs and local delicacy – Baikal fish Omul, which is being smoked right here!


Day 6 Listvyanka                        On: Listvyanka
In Listvyanka you will be offered an excursion to the museum of Baikal, here you can visit Baikal nature museum which has a rich flore and fauna collection of the deepest lake in the world. For it`s majesty and fascinating glory, the lake is called the Sacred Sea by locals..
After lunch Then you will walk through Krestovka village; visit to the church of St. Nicholas.  We will enjoy the some activates such as dog sledder (optional), hove craft (optional) and a ride by snowmobiles (optional).

the museum of Baikal

Day 7 Listvyanka to Irkutsk              On:Irkutsk
we are driving to Irkutsk in the morning, On the way to visiting the museum of architectural – wooden art of building “Taltsy”. Architectural-ethnographic museum “Taltsy” is a unique storehouse of monuments of history and culture of the peoples of Eastern Siberia. The museum is located in a picturesque place on the right bank of the Angara River in Taltsinsky natural boundary on 47 kilometer of the Baikal tract. After lunch we continue drive to Irkutsk, visit the city square, the government building, World war II victory memorial wall. The tomb of the unknown martyr.

building Taltsy

Day 8 Irkutsk city tour                     On: Irkutsk

We take a city tour in Irkutsk all day, we will visit some Church such as Spasskaya Church, Bogoyavlenskiy (Epiphany) Cathedral, Znamenskiy (the Omen) Convent Polish Roman Catholic Church in the morning, after lunch we take a free walk in the Karl.Marx street and pedestrian street for shopping, it is also the city center of old Irkutsk city. The most of the cafe, supermarket and bar concentrate in this area.

Spasskaya Church

Day 9 Irkutsk to KL
After breakfast, transfer to the airport. We take the flight back to home.