The Tour of Ejina Poplar Forests

Populus euphratica is the myth of immortality in desert and immortal soul.

This is a magical tree species, its growth is always closely linked with the Phoenix and blood.

It’s a changeable tree. It’s green in spring and summer, yellow in late autumn and red in winter.

This is a strong tree species, three thousand years alive, three thousand years after death, three thousand years after the fall of immortality.

Day110 Oct KL/Xi’an                           On:Xi’an

Take the flight KL to Xi’an(), meet our local tour guide and check in the hotel.

xian datang

Day2 (11 Oct) Xi’an                                 On: Xi’an

Free activities after breakfast, shopping in urban areas, you can also visit the Terracotta Warriors Museum, Ming City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell and Drum Tower, you can enjoy local snacks in Huimin Street.

xian city wall

Day3 (12 Oct) Xi’an to Jiuquan                      On: Jiuquan

We take the high sped train to Jiuquan in the morning, arrive at Jiuquan in the afternoon, after a short break we go to visit the Jiuquan Park in the city, Jiuquan has a long history, which was established in Western Han Dynasty —-2000 years ago. We will visit the Jiuquan Park, covering an area of 270,000 square meters, the Wine Spring of the Western Han Dynasty is a well-preserved classic garden with a history of over 2,000 years. The garden was constructed to be elegant and unsophisticated, including vigorous spring, waving lake, vivid sculpture and exquisite palaces.

jiuquan park

Day413 Oct Jiuquan/Ejina                       On: Ejina

We are driving to Ejina in the morning, we will pass by the Jiuquan Satellite Lunching Center, the earliest and biggest space craft base in China, only allow Chinese to visit there. visit the Black City and Guaishulin in the afternoon before we get to the Ejina Town. The Black City Ruins is famous all over the world for the significant military passing along Silk Road in Han, Tang, Western Xia and Yuan Dynasties. It is the best place to see the sunset in the desert. Guaishulin literally means “weird Poplar Forest”, which is formed by numerous dead poplar trees. In recent years, the environment of poplar has been destroyed, due to the drought of Ejina River and other reasons, a great number of poplar trees both sides of river died of a lack of water, a lot of dead poplar trees still stand on end or lie down without being rotten, and forming sad landscape.

Jiayuguan to Ejina is 390 km and 5 hrs city ruins

Day5 14 OctEjina                               On: Ejina

Today, we visit the Poplar trees from the Yidaoqiao (First Bridge) to Badaoqiao (Eighth Bridge) all day. There is a famous saying that goes like this: “Without going to Ejina, you will not know the mighty of the oasis; without going to Ejina, you will not know the magic of poplar trees. When you are trekking among the poplar forests, the Beautiful pictures come into view one after another. In the sunlight, the golden poplar trees make a sharp contrast to the blue sky, gorgeous and bright.

Day6 15 OctEjina                                On: Alashan Youqi

We get up very early in the morning to see the sunrise at Juyan Lake, Juyan Lake Area is a nice place, with azure sky, blue sea and luxuriantly green trees, and it also has an important position in the development history of the Chinese Nation, especially of ethnic minorities in the Northeast. The Italian tourists Marco Polo has ever been here in Dynasty (13th century) and the record about the Juyan Lake can be found in his book “the Travels of Marco Polo”. Visit the Shengshu (Holly Tree), the oldest poplar tree in the town. We have a lunch then driving to Alashan Youqi, arriving in the afternoon and check in the hotel.

Ejina to Juyan Lake is 55 km 1 hrs driving.

Ejina to Alxa 500 km 7 hrs driving.

Day716 Oct Alxa/Badain Jaran Desert             On: Desert Tent

We are driving one hour driving to the entrance of the Desert, take the 4*4 Jeep to surfing in the desert and stay in the center of desert for overnight.

The Badain Jaran Desert covers an area of 49,000 sq. kilometers. It is the highest and most beautiful desert in the world spanning the provinces of Inner Mongolia. The desert is also home to over 100 spring-fed lakes that lie between the dunes, some of which are fresh while others are salty. We will visit the highest peak in the Desert—Bilutu Peak, which is called the “desert Everest”, the Badain Lake and Temple in the desert.

Alxa to Entrance of Desert is 70 km and 1 hr driving.

Bilutu Peak

Day8 17 OctBadain Jaran Desert/Zhangye           On: Zhangye

See the sunrise in the desert, and continue to surfing in the desert, and enjoy the exciting sand sliding, the tour will end at lunch time and transfer to Alxa Youqi, after lunch we are driving to Zhangye,

We arrived at Zhangye city first and go to visit the Colourful Mountains Danxia Scenic Area during sunset, in the sunset, when the colors change continuously, showing yellow and red layers covered by a light gray layer. They are well defined with circuitous lines and, if it rains the day before, this color will be more gorgeous. Try not to go when it is cloudy or raining as only when there is sunshine will these mountains show you their gorgeous colors.

Desert to Zhangye is 210 km and 3.5 hours driving.

Day 9 (18 Oct) Zhangye/Tianshui                       On:Tianshui

We go to visit the Binggou Danxia Land-form in the morning; it is a place that few people know about. Geologists call it “window lattice and palace-shaped Danxia topography”. It looks amazing and is shaped like a camel, a palace and a shrine. We take the high speed train to Tianshui.

Day10 19 OctTianshui/Yuncheng                   On: Yuncheng

we visit the Maijishan Grottoes in the morning, which was reputed of the one of four most famous Buddhist Caves in China, the existing Buddhist cave 194, clay stone carving, stone tire clay sculpture of more than seven thousand two hundred, one thousand more than 300 square meters of murals, all cave dug in the steep cliffs above, distributed in the East, west two cliffs. we go to visit the Fuxi Temple, This temple was built during the Ming Dynasty, as a means of appeasing Fuxi in hopes those local prayers for happiness and safety would be granted. We take the high speed train to Yuncheng.

Maijishan Grottoes

Price include:

    Entrance fee: the entrance fee listed in the itinerary (transfer bus, cable car at Hengshan)

Vehicle: 33 seats bus such pick up and send to the airport, scenery sport, railway station, hotel and so on.

Hotel: at least 3-star hotel with twin share room, toilet and shower, most of hotel include the breakfast.

Guide: English speaking guide all the trip

Train tickets: the high-speed train second class seats:

Xian to Jiuquan   Zhangye t Tianshui  Tianshui to Xian  Xian to Yuncheng

Jeep: 4 by 4-wheel driving Jeep in the Desert 4 people take one jeep

     Permit: the special permit to Inner Mongolia  

     Insurance: the travel accident insurance

     Mineral water: we provide 1-2 bottle mineral water every day for everyone



   Meals: lunch and diner

  Air tickets: the international, domestic flight and its tax

Passport: personal passport an visa

Personal expense: the expense in the hotel and shopping

Tips: the tips for driver and guide